February 17, 2007

What A Fucktard!!

What a fucking retard?! What the fuck was she thinking? Oh wait! She wasn't thinking?! I forgot that she doesn't do that these days as her mind is too bloody addled with booze! Why? Why?! Thats all I want to know! She looks special - and not in a good way!
I used to love her! She had abs to kill for, her music I loved and I was probably the only person who actually liked Crossroads! Then the shit hit the fan when she decided to head back to her red neck roots in full swing by marrying that trailer park shithead Kevin Federline. Now she's a bald divorcee with two kids with hick names, boozing the night away and dressing like a cheap hooker!
Where is the old Britney that everyone loves?! BRING HER THE FUCK BACK ASAP!

Rumor has it that her little hair debacle could have a medical reason behind her crazy actions. She has visited Cedars Sinai twice in the last couple of days, barely coherent and only lasted in rehab for a day. Nothing is confirmed yet but lets hope its not too serious if it is medical! Not just a complete breakdown of her remaining braincells!

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