February 17, 2007

In Memory of Anna Nicole Smith

I Know I'm a tad late on expressing memorial for Anna Nicole Smith but hey, better late than ever! She was as tragic as Marilyn but as pathetic as a BB star! The beautiful (only when thin though!) Texan died last week (like you didn't know as it's been covered in every mag and rag across the world for the last week!) in what I think was suicide. The beauty starred in many shoots for hotshot magazine, Playboy (love it!) and was married to a practically dead billionaire for a short time back in the mid nineties. As to what killed her, I guess we will never know for certain - again like Marilyn Monroe! Clearly she was fucked up over the death of her train wreck of a son in September and as result must have rejected her new baby girl, Dannielynn. What probably started as a bit of a downer about her son's probable overdose and not knowing which of the 40 or so men fathered her new daughter must have led to more serious post-natal depression which culminated in her shock death! (Just my opinion based on what can be gleamed from the facts reported in the press!). Come off it, we all knew it was coming! Just happened sooner than I had anticipated. Now we have to endure the long legal stuff about what will be done about the millions that she had been fighting for and the shocker of who actually is the daddy of Dannielynn. At the end of the day what matters is the baby and what is going to happen to her now as no plans had been made in Anna's will as it had not been revised since 2001. Its a tragic story but she was a tragic lass, so its quite apt if you think about it!

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