February 08, 2007

Olsen's at New York Fashion Week

The Olsen twins made an appearance at the Jenni Kayne fashion show yesturday looking fab in fur. I love fur! Its so luxurious and expensive. I'm glad that they aren't afraid to wear something they like - especially where fur is concerned. Good to see they aren't giving in to the political correctness that is spewed upon us by those hippies at PETA. They were in the front row among Petra Nemcova and zombie young Hollywood creator Rachel Zoe (she is so haggard looking and personally I think she looks shit! And therefore inflicts her shittiness on bright young things that would look far better in something not shit!). I just hope that she doesn't start zombifying the beautiful Olsens! I love how Ashley and MK are complimenting each other - Ashley in pale lippy and MK in bright red. So fabulous!

1 comment:

lluviaschick said...

not bad outfits... prefer ash than mk but dont really like ash vest, even though is going to be a must have next fall/winter... their hair and makeup look horrible!