January 31, 2007

Man of The Month - Milo Ventimiglia

Who needs Jake or Colin or Heath or Johnny when you have Milo! Though he seems to be just hitting the main stream celeb focus he has been on my radar for some time for playing Jess in the Gilmore Girls. He is soooooooo hot! And he can act too, which I guess helps! He is definately one you should be watching! XX

Check out these photos from the uncoming issue of Player magazine - the one of him laying down is soooooooooooo fabulous!

At the Golden Globes a few weeks back! Looking very daper in his black tie!

And this one is from an old magzine shoot from last year! Yummy!

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Britishkiller said...

wow... he's hot ^^ and i love heroes!

another thing...i'm so sorry to bother you on your blog... but I'm desperate. I love tfs, how can I get an invite? I've been reading it daily for like... months... please! I love fashion and I wanna be able to write on there, it's amazing...


(my email is britishkiller@gmail.com)