January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hey y'all!


I hope 2008 brings you love, lust, brilliant fashion finds and tons of good times!

And I hope y'all had really good Christmas' - I know I did! - and got tons of really hot pressies! I was showered with gifts - mainly of the gold with diamonds variety! - from everyone and there was definately a fair amount of showering back to my gals and guys!

Now I know i've been a bit MIA recently but i've been completely shacked up with my fella - now of 3 months! It's going so well that I practically live there! Its really nice! He loves me and I love him and nothing can get between the totally cool connection we have!

Well enough of the mushy lovesick spell I'm under, have a great new year and hit the sales hard!

xxxx Mindi xxx

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