January 03, 2008

Am I really that surprised?! Well, No!

So baby Spears is pregnant! Oh what a shocker! Not! With role models like her mom and Britney, its not surprising that the apple didnt fall far from the trailer park! At 16, she is just throwing her life away - i'm dead set against teenage pregancy and think that this is a major issue that should be tackled by our government more than fucking climate change - coz seriously what can you do about that? Not like you can turn down the fuckin' sun! She is way too young for the challenges of a child and she should def be fired from her Nickelodeon show as its not the message we should be sending to girls her age and younger. Its not cool, its bloody stupid! Yeah its nice that everyone is being supportive and her boyfriend is currently there for her - but seriously how long do you think it will be before he runs scared?! - but maybe she should have considered abortion as a viable option so that she can live life a bit more.
Just thought i would add my opinion to the mix!

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