March 06, 2007

Something In The California Hair!

Victoria Beckham showcased her hot new honey crop last week in sunny LA. To fit into the California World she decided that blondes do have more fun and headed straight to the hairdressers to get coiffed. The short crop is something that she has done before quite brilliantly and updated the previous style with her long fringe. However I still think that it is a little too coiffed considering that LA is a laidback heaven, but I don't think she will be rushing back to the hair extensions anytime soon!
I love the new hair it's great!
Also there has been talk that as part of her Hollywood Glamover there will be a visit to a plastic surgeon to get her nose fixed (following in the steps of Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston's recent rebuilds). VB believes her nose turns up too much as the bottom so keep your eyes open for its eventual downsizing!

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