March 06, 2007

Scarlett's Fashion Week Ensemble

To be honest I'm not very fond of Scarlett Johansson - as and actress or as a coathanger. Though I do like some of her red carpet choices and she has a fabulous curvy figure that I will never have. However in candids she always looks a tad disorganized! As to her Paris Fashion Week look (show right), I don't know whether i'm liking it or not! The quiff is wrong - that is something i'm sure about. I also am not fond of the bag and shoes. The dress is okay and the coat is actually rather lovely. Overall you'd think that i'm not impressed by the emsemble, however overall I think the look works! Quiff included! Separately the items kinda suck but together they balance each other out. Its kind of got me all in a tizzle! What do y'all think?

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