March 14, 2007

Relationship News!

Too many celeb break-ups and attachments happening at the moment I have to condense to save me a little time!

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, I wish you would just bloody admit that you are made for each other. They cannot live without each other, they have so much history (including kiddies) and they look good together. So stop this hoohah and get back together and stay together!

Mandy Moore and Nicole Richie's ex, DJ AM have called it quits - not that I really care but y'all may do!

New couple Jude Law and Lindsay Lohan. Apparently they have been out clubbing together and she has phoned him drunk. Sounds like a good start to a relationship to me! Not! Soooo can't see this one happening but it might make a good tabloid read for the coming weeks!

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