March 14, 2007

Bulimic Britney!

Now, I've always been a big fan of Britney but since her trailer trash wedding and her very recent mental instability I've kind of lost all respect for her so it didn't really come as a great shock to hear that she has had Bulimia Nervosa since she was 16. If you think about all the times you saw her in candids she was always munching her way through MacDonald's menu and yet she still managed to keep the weight off, so clearly she wasn't keeping it down and letting it spread to their waist, thighs and ass like the rest of us!
It is a tad upsetting that this has been leaked from her rehab center as these are people that are not meant to be discussing a patient's illness to anyone, let alone those with enough cash to ask for it! What happened to confidentiality and patient-doctor trust?!
Lets just hope that by admitting to all her demons, it will set her back on track and we can get the fabulous Britney back before she is totally lost to this major mindfuck that she is undergoing!

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