January 26, 2007

Sundance Chic

The celebs have all gathered in the chilly mountain weather to celebrate the Sundance Film Festival. Though there have been some tragic fashion faux pas (as seen on Mandy Moore and Zooey Deschenel), the majority of the celebs have proved to be showcasing the best of winter weather fashions. Sienna looks great in her beanie and leather jacket, along with Famke in hers. Christina Ricci looks fab in her gold brocade coat, Heather Graham showed up how to wear a scarf with style and Gwyneth was classic in her black outfit with beige winter warmer boots. However the best of the fashions have been seen on, shockingly, Tara Reid! She really seems to be getting it right these days and I can't wait to see more! Julianna Marguilies came a close second in her fabulous white coat - truly stunning from this unhyped star.

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