January 26, 2007

Spring-Summer 2007 Look Book Notes

Wondering what you should be wearing in spring and summer this year. Well, here's the lowdown for you!

- Urban goes feminine with soft shapes, soft colors and layers creating a beautifully simplistic casual look, with pockets as the detail to look for. Go for neutrals - from rose, sand and pale khaki. Layer up incrementally and the best fabrics are silks, fine jersey and soft washed cotton. Wedges and wide-legged/cigarette thin trousers complete the look. A loosely structured dress is the perfect thing to go for with this trend!

- Following on from the previous trend, its not surprising that there is a big emphasis on romanticism. Everything is perfectly frilled or ruffled in chiffon, silk and satin. You may just float away in a fabulous pastel chiffon dress - a signature piece to go for, for this trend. However, the look is modern not historical, so don't look outdated! Little sleeves are great to add a little detail and avoid jewellery as you'll ruin the simple look. A little bit of lace adds interest whilst still being beautifully girly.

- Florals are big business this season from bold prints to delicated buds, florals are everywhere! Following on from the romanticism of the season this adds a girly bloom to anything. Floral dresses are a fabulous way to go and avoid chintz as you don't want to look like one of Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen's shirts!

- Ethnic looks are good for this season, think African tribes not tree-hugging hippies though. Add a little fringing and a few feathers to your batik prints. The look is elegant not festival-visiting so dress it up with tailoring.

- It's all about the detailing - applique, embroidery, bejewelling and collage - is what should adorn your clothes this season. Don't think boho, think modern folk!

- Sporty looks are great to go this season and emphasise the laid-backness of the season. Neon colors, breathable fabrics and contoured shapes are what to go for - just don't over do it to the extent that you look like Vicky Fucking Pollard! Racing stripes are a good detail to go for racerback is the shape to for in tops and dresses. Jersey is the fabric of choice.

- Shorts are still fabulous - whether they are short-short, Bermuda or mid-thigh wear them dressed down for daytime or dressed up for a nighttime cocktail party!

- Figure-hugging is the 80's vibe we should all be feeling a little of - cutouts and bandaging are the details that you should look for. Channel a little bit of Whitney from the 'I wanna dance' video. Just don't overdo it as you'll end up looking like a Saved By The Bell reject!

- Futuristic is back complimenting the metallic thread though in an entirely different way. Bold and space age is the only way to describe this trend - though if you want to look like a bubble boy (a la Hussein Chalayan) or just like your fave Dalek then be my guest but this is something I won't be trying - if you're braver than me then go where no one as gone before!

- Metallics are back with vengence so head for glittered, sequined and crystal embellished dresses and tops instead of the matt tinfoil style stuff. Don't go over the top as you'll end up looking like the Christmas turkey! Irridescence is the perfect way to go and you don't need jewellery for this look. Add a little texture to create interest and look to the 80's for a little inspiration. However, you want to shimmer not look like a disco ball! If you're not bold enough for the full look just go for a shimmery bag or some foiled flats.

- Animal prints are back but not leopard! Try tiger, giraffe or dalmatian instead!

- Retro 70's prints are big and fun for this season but keep the shapes simple and tone down a statement piece with something more neutral.

- Does monochrome ever leave the hot set? No, it doesn't so dont be surprised to see it again this season. This season its focus is on beautiful prints and graphics - emphasis on obscure stripes.

- Yellow is the color of the season, whether it is citrus or baby, its the color to go for! Be brave and add a splash to your wardrobe - just choose a shade that suits your skin tone otherwise you will look shit!

- Aquamarine is the other color of the season especially in silk and satin. This is a beautiful color so don't be afraid to wear it (especially if you are not brave enough for yellow!). Dresses look fabulous in it for eveningsas it gives a sumptuous look.

- Dresses and all hemlines shound be short! Whether they're floaty or hard-edged, they should all be short! Look for lux fabrics if you want to take this trend into the night.

- Swimwear is fifties inspired and the one-piece is the pick over the bikini this year. Tiny spaghetti straps and high-waisted bottoms are the details to look for in your new poolside garb.

- Bags have many rules to go for this season - framed bags are fab and the bigger the bag the better! Animal skins are great and metallics sparkle in the sunshine. The rucksack and the laundry bag have been revamped so get a hot new one now! Add charms, gems and other details to make your bag fabulous!

- Wedges are the only shoes to be seen in this season (again!) especially ribbon and strappy styles. Shoes should be bold and funky. Add a little bit of fetish if you dare or maybe a little futuristic touch of silver and perspex. Patent shoes are fabulous especially if they are in some bold colors.

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