October 30, 2007

Talking of couples ...

Well Sienna isn't the only one who has bagged a new, older man! And strangely enough mine looks a bit like Rhys Ifans too! I'm quite happily dating a lovely fella (he's camera shy so no pic at the moment but will share him with y'all when I catch him unawares!). He's a few years older than me (she says whilst coughing and giggling inanely!) but it doesn't bother either of us. He's tall, cute as hell, smokes (yes! thats right - you non-smokers aren't taking that pleasure away from all of us because of this wanky smoking ban!), drives a swanky new bus and treats me like the princess I am! He makes me really happy and I'm permanently wearing a smile these days! His friends think I'm good for him and they haven't seen him this happy in a very long time! My friends (those that have met him so far anyway) think he's lovely and are really please for me. It's early still but I'm hopeful that this is the start of something delightful!

Ok y'all I managed to get him on camera (ish!) - I thought i'd share him with y'all!

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