March 06, 2007

Sorry Ladies (and a select few men) ...

I'm sorry to report this to all you lovely hopeful ladies and gents in waiting but it looks like Prince William WILL marry his girlfriend Kate Middleton! The claim comes from a reporter who has spoken personally to Wills on the subject and MP's have now announced that a union will be on the cards in the future. The pair who have dated for sometime and have both expressed interest in getting married and having a family are very much in love. Kate is the perfect little lady to marry our King in waiting. She is quite a reserved person and doesnt like to be in the public eye very much - something that she will have to get used to much more if the wedding goes ahead. She has proved herself to be a right fashion style icon so it's good to know that we will have a trendy queen running the country! Although it hasn't been revealed just how soon they plan to marry, I wish them luck and hope that they are very happy together!

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