March 16, 2007

Have You Got Yours Yet?

What do these celebs and I all have in common? Reese Witherspoon, Mischa Barton, The Olsen Twins, Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel, Tori Spelling, Lindsay Lohan and I are all very proud owners of BlackBerry's! Yes, that phone that does everything that a girl-on-the-go needs done, except the washing up! I picked up mine this week and I really don't know how I functioned without one for so long. I got the 8100 Pearl favoured by Tori Spelling and Jessica Biel. All the other celebs have moved on up to the new 8800. Unfortunately that model hasn't reached here yet so I'll just have to survive with the Pearl until I can upgrade. I suggest you all take note and go out and buy one immediately!

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