March 16, 2007

Give Us A Peek!

Ashley's hands were just too full of shopping and coffee and car keys to adjust her top on a breezy day in Beverly Hills. But then again if you are going to wear a top that open then you are expecting people to see whats underneath. And what's underneath? A bra! Newsflash - every woman in their right mind wears one! So why has there been such a hoohah about it?! Is it because it's small?! - not everyone is born with or buys melon boobs y'know! Some of us are gifted with a lack of chest - I personally I love mine and I'm guessing Lala does too - we aren't at risk of black eyes if we do any sort of exercise - and clearly Ashley loves hers too otherwise she would not be showing them off in such a nice decorative bra and lovely open shirt! What's wrong with a little sneak peak now and again?! Hoorahh for small boobs!!
Got a small chest then embrace them and put them into some really nice bras as ! They have some really great stuff! Take a peak now!

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