March 14, 2007

Ashley Shows Us How To Do It!

Ashley Olsen knows what to wear this spring so y'all better take notes. She popped out to Starbucks in Beverley Hills on the 11th for some grande coffee in a trend preview outfit.Yes, we have already seen the Prada headband so that means you should have already bagged yourself one! Gold man-size watches are a big thing soshow off your dainty wrists with one! Oversized bags, aviator specs and teeny denim shorts are all must have items for this spring/summer. Ashley kept it casual teaming it all with a slouch-sleeved black top and white plimsoles.
It's such a good look for anyone (just make sure there are no muffin-top moments!) so get to the shops and stock up - especially on the shorts! I'm just popping off to get mine!

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