March 20, 2007

Ashlee and Ryan Get It On!

He might be getting divorced but he is still getting laid! It appears that Ryan Phillippe and Ashlee Simpson hooked up after clubbing at Les Deux. The Post Chronicle has printed this snippet for us all:

A source told Australia’s New Weekly magazine: “When Ryan and his friends arrived they were shown to the only table with any space left - where Ashlee and her friends were sitting. “He couldn’t keep his eyes off her in her very figure hugging little black dress. They seemed very into each other. Ashlee was really excited. You could tell she had a huge crush on him.” After flirting for hours, onlookers claim the couple disappeared to a private area upstairs, called The Library, at around 2am. The source added: “They were up there for over an hour and came back looking disheveled. We knew something went on. “They took separate cars and met at her place. He spent the night! Ashlee is keeping quiet and just said how hot he was. They really hit it off. I think they will hook up again.”

Well, what can you say? I think they are both a tad slutty so I'm not really surprised. For him its simple, he's just got out of a long term relationship and feels the need to spread his seeds. For her, i'm not so sure. I thought that she was with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz?! Is she not? Well, she is young and is still trying new experiences and if one of those much-needed learning experiences involves getting sweaty and naked with the cheating not-yet-divorced skeez, that's her choice!

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