March 17, 2007

Anna Versus Blogs

Head honcho of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, hates blogs apparently - so here is a blogger blogging about it! She hates that magazine sales are down and blogs are the reason why they are down! Hello, I spend tons of money every week on glossies - weeklies and monthlies - as well as having a Vogue subscription and yet I blog and read tons of blogs. Maybe I'm just an exception to the rule though! In response to blogging conquering print, Anna has ordered that their Internet site ups its ante and try to take back control by expanding. Though don't expect any blogs on the new site - instead she has ordered staff to come up with a new name for slog-type stories/opinions so that they can be included on the new site (isn't that a contradiction of what she has been saying though?!). I'll be checking their new site soon as to find out what we must all call blogs now!

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