January 22, 2007

New For 2007


2007 is going to be a fabulous year - I can feel it already. I've totally relaunched the site and hope that as the site grows, so does the fanbase.

I welcome all of you that have been forwarded on from my previous site and welcome to everyone new to me and the Fabulous!

I dedicate this new site to Lala, who is always on hand to indulge in a little retail therapyand a good gossip. She can't live without my words of wisdom, fashion sense and celebrity gossip and I would not be the same if she wasn't there for me, always and forever! Love Ya Babe XxX

Over the coming weeks I'll get this totally up and running, and by the end of it y'all will be just as fabulous as me (and Lala)! Or at least well on the way! (Haha - I'm sooo modest! Haha!)


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